My Story

I have been psychic from a very young age. honestly, I'm not positive there is a real starting Place to my Psychic journey. I grew up on the coast of Maine. The area I am from is imbued with very old and fantastical energy. There is not an incredible amount to do as a child in Maine so I was encouraged to go outside and roam my wooded backyard and use my imagination to keep me entertained, Because of this my creativity was never shut off As a child I knew i was not thinking or seeing things the same as the rest of my family or other children or adults around me. Most that looked at me from the outside thought I was spacey or unfocused. Truly, my mind was open to a metaphysical world the rest of the people around me were closed to. I was able to see and communicate with spirits of deceased people as well as other spiritual beings. This was off putting to some of the people I was close to so I learned to keep the things I saw to myself and turned off a bit of my psychic gifts as I got older.

Though I have always been sensitive to what the earth's energy is trying to help me perceive. I didn't Always know how to focus my ability to communicate with this other world. Aside from my ever present and complicated spiritual dreams. My journey to help others after the death of someone close to me. This led to a great spiritual awakening. It was so incredibly shocking and at times confusing to interpret the things I was seeing and feeling. Seeking out help I stumbled upon Ellen Mahloy a psychic angel communicator. I studied with her to help attune my psychic ability, and eventually became an assistant teacher to her and a group of other psychics teaching psychic development. Her teachings as well as many others have shaped the psychic and spiritual Teacher I have become today. My focus now is helping others through my platform to grow on their own spiritual journey through readings. mentorship, tele classes, videos, blog posts. and intuitive art and fiber art. I also do local and remote house clearings and healing sessions in the Tampa Bay area.